Hattisar, Kamalpokhari , Kathmandu

Loan Against Government Bond

Under the scheme credit facilities are extended to borrowers against financial securities issued by government in the form of National Savings Certificates like government Bonds.


Salient Features:

    • Financing up to 90 % of Government bond’s amount.
    • Loan tenure of maximum 1 year.
    • Rate of interest up to 15.00%.


Required Documents:

    • Government Bond certificate
    • Loan application
    • Citizenship of borrower
    • Family details
    • Other documents based on requirement  


    For further information, please contact:

    Goodwill Finance Limited, Hattisar, Kathmandu

    Phone: 977-1-4444039/4437090/4434279/4432473

    Fax: 977-1- :01-4443414

    Email : goodwill@finance.wlink.com.np