Hattisar, Kamalpokhari , Kathmandu

Saving Account

The Savings Account is a transactional interest bearing account wherein a deposit is placed with the Goodwill for an unspecified period of time and the depositor can withdraw or transfer the funds whenever required through different means. Our tagline “we take care of your interest” itself explains that we make sure that you yield higher interest from your deposits with us.

Zero Balance Saving Account

As the name suggest, this is a saving account where we give an option of opening an account with zero balance or with minimum balance of Rs 500.

Fixed Deposit

You can deposit any amount of money in our Fixed Deposit for as long as you wish between 3 months to 6 years. The money placed on deposit earns a fixed rate of interest, according to the terms and conditions that govern the account.

Glad Benifit Account

Goodwill Finance Limited always believes in giving the best to its customers and staying true to our tagline 'WE TAKE CARE OF YOUR INTEREST' we have designed a new product named GLAD (Goodwill Life Assurance Deposit) Benefit Account especially for our customers. It is one of the best schemes available in the market and we are sure that our customers will benefit from this product.

Recurring Deposit

Goodwill Recurring Deposits are an ideal way meant for investors who want to deposit a fixed amount every month, in order to get a lump sum after some years. The small monthly savings in the Recurring Deposit scheme enable the depositor to accumulate a handsome amount on maturity.