Hattisar, Kamalpokhari , Kathmandu

Saving Deposit

The Savings Account is a transactional interest bearing account wherein a deposit is placed with the Goodwill for an unspecified period of time and the depositor can withdraw or transfer the funds whenever required through different means. Our tagline “we take care of your interest” itself explains that we make sure that you yield higher interest from your deposits with us.

Other Benefits

  1. Clearing House Facility
  2. ABBS Facility

Salient Features

  1. Attractive interest rate, calculated on daily balance and credited quarterly (current interest rate on saving deposit is 8.00% - 9.00% p.a.).
  2. Minimum Balance is Rupees 2500/- only.
  3. Unlimited Withdrawals/Deposits.
  4. Extended Transaction Hours.
  5. Free Bank Statement on demand.
  6. Cheque book facilities etc
  7. Bulk Deposit Business A/C Negotiable.

For further information, please contact:

Goodwill Finance Limited, Hattisar, Kathmandu

Phone: 977-1-4444039/4437090/4434279/4432473

Fax: 977-1- :01-4443414

Email : info@goodwill.net.np